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Ten Packs of Ten Hotties Heat Logs

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Hotties Heat Logs are manufactured firewood logs created from sawdust, wood chips and similar renewable raw materials sourced from the UK, which are then highly compressed into logs. They're also extremely hot!

Give them a try and you wont look back!

Hotties heat logs are sold in packs of 10 logs and will be delivered in multiples of 10 packs. 

Made in the UK from 100% timber materials, they are also denser and drier than most other heat logs meaning they do not expand or crumble, giving off a powerful and reliable heat every time.

The benefits of Hotties:

  • Easy and clean to handle as well as being very easy to stack and store.
  • Suitable for all stoves, log burners, firepits and chimineas.
  • Reliable flame with assured warmth: once you use them, you'll always want to use them.
  • Easy to light whilst burning well and throwing off great heat in a safe manner (no expansion, spitting or sparking during burning).
  • Low ash residue (0.5-0.7%) with no soot, keeping your stoves, cassette fires and chimneys nice and clean.
  • Low moisture content - normally less than 5% (average wood log moisture content is between 25 and 50%) which means they can generate up to three times the heat of conventional logs.
  • Great used alone or mixed with regular fuel type.
  • Log dimensions approx: 70mm x 200mm length

If you'd prefer single packs, these are available to order for collection only from our yard, perfect for a last minute top up